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Personal References

Tommy Gillaspie has been voted one of Houston's Best Lawyers for the People for the last 3 years by H Magazine.

Martindale-Hubbell, the nation's premier law directory, has awarded the Gillaspie Law Firm its highest rating: "A.V." - the very best.

"Tommy Gillaspie possesses the wonderful (and rare) combination of character and competence, making him my first choice of any lawyer to represent me or those I care about in [malpractice or personal injury cases]"
Mark Collins, lawyer, ordained pastor, head elder Spring Valley Fellowship

β€œI am always 100% comfortable in referring my medical malpractice cases to Tommy. Tommy always contacts the client and does a thorough job in analyzing the complex facts presented in these matters. I know my clients are in great hands when Tommy has their case. I could not ask for a better attorney to work with.”
Steven Norris, Managing Partner, Norris and Cantu

"There are two reasons I send my large personal injury claims to Tommy: 1) he takes time with my clients and treats them with respect and 2) he is aggressive and always gets the maximum value for my clients."
A.A. (Trey) Henderson III, Attorney and Mediator, Hengst & Henderson

"I first met Tommy when we served together on the Board of KSBJ, the contemporary Christian radio station in Houston, Texas. Since then, we have worked together on numerous legal matters and I have often turned to Tommy for his insight and expertise. Not only is Tommy a great guy but he is one smart Christian attorney."
Kelly Coghlan, Coghlan & Associates

"I've known Tommy since he started practicing law. I thoroughly enjoyed practicing law with him. He is a fine lawyer whose first rate mind and work ethic serve his clients superbly."
Barbara Ann Radnofsky, Democratic Candidate, U.S. Senate, Texas

"Tommy Gillaspie is one of the best attorneys for prosecuting a medical malpractice case that I have ever known. His total command of the medical issues as they pertain to the standard of care is second to none, even superior to the doctors in the case. His Harvard intellect, combined with his offensive lineman bullheadedness, makes him a defense lawyer's worst nightmare."

Michael M. Guerra, Watts Law Firm L.L.P.

β€œA better prepared, knowledgeable and accomplished trial lawyer is hard to find in the State of Texas.”

Bob Bateman, Managing Partner, Bateman and Pugh

β€œOver the years, I've had the professional privilege to work with Tommy Gillaspie on a series of cases. One of those cases was a complex medical malpractice lawsuit. Tommy is one of the most thorough attorneys I have ever had the pleasure to work with on a case. He becomes an expert in the relevant subject matter and knows the literature on that issue backwards and forwards. Tommy is also one of the most ethical and honest attorneys I have ever known.”

Stephen McCarthy, Partner, Blizzard, McCarthy & Nabers

"We met Tommy Gillaspie in May of 2005. I was involved in a horrific accident and did not know who to call to protect my benefits for the well being of my family during my lengthy recuperation. We were given Mr. Gillaspie's name by a trusted friend. Tommy was sincere in helping my family get through the traumatic conditions we were dealing with. As an Attorney he fought for my medical, insurance, and disability benefits. Tommy has been there every step of the way and has become a good friend. I highly recommend Tommy Gillaspie as an Attorney."

David M. Leining

"Tommy Gillaspie enjoys a solid reputation in the legal community as an outstanding trial lawyer and scholar. However, what sets Tommy apart from most lawyers is that he really cares about his clients and the results speak for themselves."

Gilbert J. Alvarado, Partner, Lindeman, Alvarado & Frye

"I consider it a privilege, not only to have been legally represented by Mr. Tommy W. Gillaspie, but also to have made a life-long friend during the time he was ardently working on my case. His hard-driven determination, along with his vast knowledge and respect of our justice system, were the key factors in granting a favorable outcome on my behalf. Thank you, Mr. Gillaspie, for your perseverance. May God bless you and the work you do for others."

Robert Juarez, Client

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